Bookkeeping Software for the Small Business

Cash is King Bookkeeping Software has been specifically designed as an easy to use accountancy package for the small business. It is easy to use and you will have Book Keeping made easy with the Cash is King accounting packageaccess to all the information that you and your accountant will ever need.

Click on the download button at the bottom of the page for a FREE 30 day trial copy of this bookkeeping program from this web site. When you are completely happy that this is the software for you, you can purchase a 12 month licence, allowing you to use a full copy of this bookkeeping software for £24.00. This cost also includes FREE unlimited support and FREE updates.

Features Of Our Accounting Software

  • Only £24.00 for a 12 month licence (including free unlimited support and free updates)
  • An easy step by step user guide
  • Rapidly record all your income and payments
  • Create your own customised sales invoices and credit notes
  • Keep a detailed database of all your customers details
  • Tailor the income and payment categories to your specific business
  • A fantastic selection of easy to use reports covering any period
  • Keep a track of customers that owe you money
  • Easily produce your VAT Returns (if you are VAT registered) at the click of a button
  • A built-in reminder to ensure you submit your VAT Return on time
  • Keep a list of all your CIS vouchers and the amount of tax deducted if you are in the construction industry

Book Keeping is Essential

Bookkeeping is essential for ALL businesses and good bookkeeping software will:

  • Help you reduce your tax bill by ensuring all your expenses are accurately recorded
  • Help you increase your business profits by ensuring you have accurate and relevant information at your fingertips
  • Help reduce your accountancy fees by reducing the time it will take your accountant to prepare your accounts

Book Keeping Demonstration Videos

See how easy it is to use our Cash is King accounting software. We have created a number of short demonstration videos showing the operation of the most common functions.

Bookkeeping Guide for Small Business

Read our book keeping guide for those who require a brief introduction to the basics of bookkeeping.

Cash Is King Book keeping software package - free trial download
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