Cash is King Accounts Software - Main Features

Making Bookkeeping Easy

All the features of this accounting software have been specifically designed for people who run their own small business and need a bookkeeping software system that is easy to use and provides all the information that they need on a day to day basis.

Features of Bank and Cash Section

  • Rapidly record all your income and payments
  • See how much money you have in each account at any time
  • Reconcile all your accounts (a check to ensure all transactions have been recorded)
  • A wide range of reports covering all areas of income and payments including where your money came from and what it was spent on
  • Produce the reports covering any period and for any account
  • Keep a detailed list of all your CIS vouchers and the amount of tax deducted (if you are in the construction industry)

Features of Sales Section

  • Create your own customised sales invoices
  • Create your own customised credit notes
  • Keep a detailed database of all your customers details
  • Keep a track of which customers owe you money
  • A wide range of reports covering all areas of sales
  • Produce the reports covering any period and for any customer

Features of Business Details Section

  • Keep a list of your important business details
  • Tailor the income and payment categories to your specific business
  • Search the complete transaction history of your business at the click of a button
  • Easily Prepare your VAT Returns
  • A built in VAT Return reminder to ensure you submit your VAT Return on time

Other Useful Features

  • User Guide: The accounting software comes with an easy step-by-step user guide and all through the software there are easy to follow help menus specific to the section you are in.
  • Amending Mistakes: If you make a mistake all transactions entered can be easily amended through transaction maintenance which gives a great flexibility to the software.
  • Backup Your Data: Cash is King has the facility to easily backup and restore your data giving you security and peace of mind should your data get corrupted through a computer virus or hardware failure.
  • Password Protected: This accounting software is password protected and you can choose any password you want to ensure only you can access your data.

Try this accounts software today on a free 30 day trial with no obligation.

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Cash Is King Book keeping software package - free trial download
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